Donika Is Recognized As A Contributor to A Book, Titled “Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice”

“Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Pracitce” is an innovative treatise on tactical and strategic patent decisions for patent professionals. This treatise is a self-contained, single volume desk-reference and is used as a guide during the course of making tactical and strategic patenting decisions for patent professionals after the most comprehensive revision to U.S. patent law since 1952, the America Invents Act (AIA). The AIA fundamentally altered U.S. patent law by transitioning from a First-to-Invent to a First-Inventor-to-File patent system. The pragmatic style of Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice provides insights and advice for patent application preparation and filing, post-issuance review and challenges to patentability, and ongoing international patent law harmonization. It also provides historical and legislative discussions and practical foundational discourses.

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