Boardroom Experience

NCH, LLC, Wichita, Kansas

Member of the Board of Directors, 2020 – Present

Assist the Board with general legal matters.


Member of the Board of Advisors, 2015 – Present

Assist the Board in framing the basic direction of the IP Institute and work with the Dean, Director of the IP Institute, faculty and staff to shape the goals of the program.

MERRICK, INC., Saint Paul, Minnesota

President of the Board of Directors, 2012 – 2016

Merrick, Inc. is the third largest private adult-day-services corporation in the State of Minnesota. The corporation employs 110 professional staff, maintains a fleet of more than 35 vehicles, and services more than 375 clients. The corporation’s annual operating budget exceeds 9 million dollars.

Member, Governance Committee

  • Ensure, through appropriate decision-making and action, the integrity of business operations, succession planning and affairs of the corporation
  • Plan the annual strategic planning session and coordinate training activities
  • Govern the corporation in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • Define the corporation’s mission and strategic direction
  • Monitor the corporation’s joint venture with subsidiary companies

Member, Finance Committee

  • Evaluate the financial position of the corporation through review of financial statements, including statements of financial position, statements of activities, statements of functional expenses, and statements of cash flow
  • Review and assure the adequacy of internal policies, accounting procedures, cash management, and control of assets
  • Develop a Management Discussion & Analysis Report