Donika Pentcheva’s Legal Research Has Been Cited in A Book, Titled “U.S. Law for Civil Lawyers: A Practitioner’s Guide”

Per the book’s Abstract:

The book is not only a useful reference for foreign legal practitioners, but also includes an extremely interesting theory of comparison. It revisits the notion of “foreign law” and elaborates a method to allow foreign lawyers to understand and overcome the gaps between legal cultures. Numerous examples, concrete practical tips and checklists as well as the translation of all important legal terms into German and French offer ideal orientation. Each chapter includes “practice tips,” which serve the aim of guiding non-U.S. lawyers in their first steps into practicing U.S. law. Contents Chapter 1: U.S. Law as Foreign Law | Chapter 2: Federal Civil Litigation | Chapter 3: Civil Procedure Brief Drafting Strategy | Chapter 4: U.S. Arbitration Law and Practice | Chapter 5: Aspects of United States Application of International Maritime Law: A Focus on Jurisdictional, Procedural and Substantive Issues Unique to the U.S. System | Chapter 6: Contracts—Drafting and Content | Chapter 7: The Back to Back Contract. The Birth of a New Contract Type

The book can be purchased at the following website: U.S. Law for Civil Lawyers – Nomos eLibrary (

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