Donika’s research as Law Practice Management Committee Leader is cited in “Novelty and Ownership: Intellectual Property in Architecture and Design”

An article contribution in the journal Technology|Architecture + Design, titled “Novelty and Ownership: Intellectual Property in Architecture and Design” by Martina Decker, Assistant Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, posits as follows:

Throughout history, architects have prided themselves on their problem-solving skills and their ability to overcome obstacles.  They have found new ways to use materials to conquer seemingly inherent material limitations or invented new methods of construction.  Unfortunately, the rewards for their ingenuity do not always reach beyond a single building or a body of work.  This journal contribution looks at the protection of intellectual property (IP) through trademarks, copyright, utility patents, and design patents in architecture and design.  Furthermore, it explores the benefits and potential risks that IP protection holds in the context of emerging industry drivers such as nanotechnology or digital fabrication.

The journal contribution cited Donika Pentcheva’s research from the American Intellectual Property Law Association’s Report of the Economic Survey which she was responsible for while she served in a leadership role with the Association’s Law Practice Management Committee. 

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